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YeshuApp is an open platform that is built by many organizations together. We are always looking to add new organizations and grow our international team. Here is why your organization should join:

We work better when we work together

  • Together, we answer the incoming questions in more diverse ways
  • Together, we meet the increasing demand for personal teaching and mentorship, while learning faster ourselves (Taanit 7a).
  • Together, we give a better local coverage of meetings and follow-up
  • Together, we make a greater online impact
  • Together, we meet the increasing need for prayer
  • Together, we develop new features of our common platform faster

These features are already available

  • Q&A, Bible notes, Prayers and recommendations
  • Bible reading plan with comments
  • Local and online meetings
  • Search on words, chapters and topics
  • Mentor groups with chat, video room and feedback on lessons

Contact us today

Write to us at to introduce your church or synagogue and get started with YeshuApp.

Together we will make Yeshua the Messiah known, loved and followed in our cities and nations.